We Love Being Artistic!

We sat down with an amazing artist and aspiring entrepreneur, Khunsha Junaid.

Khunsha’s idea of startup is amazing, it is a mixture of her passions i.e art and entrepreneurship called BeingArtistic.

The Interview

-We know Khunsha as a teacher and as an artist, is there anything else we need to know ?

Khunsha: Well apart from being a teacher and an artist I am also an entrepreneur and very focused on growing beingartistic and bringing good opportunities for myself and my team mates .

As an entrepreneur I have learned quite a few things myself, like running a marketing campaign , running ads, designing social media posts, making content to attract people & till date I do everything myself . Along with this I have designed social media posts & content for quite a few brands this is also something that I really enjoy doing

-Why do you do what you do?

Khunsha: I have always been passionate about my work . I never thought of having a boring 9 to 5 job for myself . Hence when you change your passion into profession, work doesn’t seem like work . You enjoy what you do and do it with a lot of interest . You put in extra effort to give your best and one should always do something that they are interested in

-How Do you work?

Khunsha: Being an entrepreneur means working 24/7 . I handle my social media & manage the entire team myself . Hence the only break that I get is when I sleep . I teach from Thursday till Sunday & then all the other work is done between Monday and Wednesday . Another thing that helps me is setting a social media schedule so all the students work can be posted on time & this actually helps us grow and connect more with our audience , I also run an art group along side but unfortunately I don’t get enough time to do interesting things on it . But hopefully soon we will run it properly

 -What is your background?

Khunsha: I was born in Karachi and brought up in UAE & I recently completed my A levels .I went to wesgreen international school Sharjah . As a child I was always attracted towards art & crafts . When I was 5 year old there was a small art competition held at children’s city Dubai & I won the first prize . But it was my school where I discovered the artist in me . I genuinely took art as a subject for fun, but then I realized how much I enjoyed doing it & this Is what I wanted to further

I started working as a freelancer artist in 2017 & sold my paintings . The first painting I sold was of Pkr 3000 only but it was so encouraging that people actually liked my work & wanted to buy it . In 2018 I rented a small place near my house and started teaching mandala art there, had around 11 students in my first batch & since then there was no looking back . I just love teaching & love seeing my students create creative things

 -What’s integral to the work of an artist?

Khunsha: I feel like every individual has their own style, which makes the work unique or different from the other artists . If you want to be a good artist then its also very important that you don’t copy the work of other artists & try to create something new on your own . Always look for inspiration but always create something new.

-What role do artists have in a society?

Khunsha: Every creative individual Whether it be writers, painters, actors, singers or musicians they all in a way represent the society & it’s culture . We as artists can reshape our world into a better place through our creativity. An artist can shed light upon issues that are not being discussed & help create awareness through creativity and innovation. On the other hand, in a society like ours where artist & creative people are often looked down upon, and society doesn’t give enough credit to their art. By labelling them as unimportant and useless. Whereas, with our creativity we tend to make lives around us more colourful & help people escape reality and let them enter a beautiful world.

-What has been a seminal experience?

Khunsha: When I took art as an IGCSE subject my teacher was ms.nailah ashiq she really helped me explore ideas & experiment with different things . I think learning with her has been one of the best experiences & that is what I try to take forward . I remember how she taught me how to do embossing on paper , threadwork on paper & line cutting and printing .

I try to help my students experiment and create new things & I really wish to be a teacher as good as her . Apart from this the entire experience of teaching students has been great, the more you teach the more you learn . I hope to keep teaching for the rest of my life

-Tell us something about beingartistic.

Khunsha: I started beingartistic as an instagram page back in 2015 just to share my own artwork . At that time I wasn’t confident enough to share my work under my own name because I thought that people might troll me as my skills were very basic but I am fortunate enough to have amazing people around me who have always encouraged me to do better . Till 2017 I kept it as an art sharing page only & then started selling painting via beingartistic . In 2018 I started teaching onsite to take beingartistic forward . However everything changed for beingartistic in January 2020 when I launched the first online course and ever since then it has only gotten bigger and better .

In a span of 1.5 years of launching online courses we have 10 teachers , over 20 courses & have taught over 700 students from around the world . We even launched our LMS website beingartisticonline.com in 2021 and we went ahead with launching out pre recorded and assignment based courses . This way students who have timing issues can learn at their own time and pace along with 24/7 teacher’s assistance. The main aim of our team is to make sure that each and every students gets to learn, explore and have an amazing experience with us . We really want to encourage people out there to explore their talents and make the most out of their skills.

Logo of BeingArtistic 

-How difficult is it to teach online 

Khunsha: A lot of people are still reluctant to teach and learn online thinking its hard . The main reason is because we are way to comfortable with the old traditional ways . Initially it was hard to plan and design the courses in a way that each and every student understand and learns properly, hence the teacher’s are properly trained, so they can teach online. We make sure to go step by step when we teach so students can grasp the concepts easily . I my opinion it’s nt hard to learn and teach online .

-What was that one project/student that made you proud?

Khunsha: I can’t specify one but we had this student who was differently abled but her mother encouraged her so much to learn art & she was so good at it that everytime I saw her work it made me really really happy . Another would be an students who took my mandala art workshop just for his daughter so he could teach her and help her learn a new skill, it made me really happy because these days parents really want their kids to develop skills and learn new things .

Picture from a truckart workshop hosted by BeingArtistic

-Is it difficult to manage studies with work?

Khunsha: It is difficult but it is not impossible, you just need to set a time for everything . I would usually study at night and work in the morning, managing both is hard but it’s also worth it because you are building your future both ways .

-Did your elders ever have any objections on the side kicks you had?

Khunsha: My parents never had any issues & not only my parents but my entire family & my friends have been extremely supportive of what I do . my dad has been saying that I have to do something professionally ever since I was 12, so it was always in my mind that I had to do something on my own . Not only this as being a kid I would sit on my dining table playing my own imaginary games thinking that I am in some business meeting . Another reason why I started working so early is because my dad would take me on his business meeting & everyday after school I would spend 2-3 hours in his office . So I would always fantasize about having an office of my own & my own business.

My mom has been really supportive through out, when I would teach she would go with me and take me where ever I needed to go . My family not only has supported me but they take equal interest in what I do & they would always give suggestions on how I can do new and better things . The logo of my business beingartistic was actually gifted to me by cousin . When I started selling painting I would get extra money from my relatives as an appreciation .So if I am able to do . something that I am passionate about is because each and every individual has encouraged me to do the best.

-Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I haven’t set a very long term goal nut I genuinely want to open up a small studio of my own where people can come and learn but we will have to take one step at a time . Apart from this I would really like to collaborate with different schools and institutes to provide art course . All these are the things I have thought of, hope I am able to achieve it all.

Khunsha is actually an inspiration for all the artistic people out there. Its time to sell your skill with passion.

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  1. Maa sha Allah Khunsha is a very very talented girl. I have been with her since May 2020 and I learned a lot from her. She is very polite and encouraging and supportive teacher which is rare. I wish her very best of luck in all her future plans.

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